Eliza BBQ Grill Pan 25 x 30CM
Eliza BBQ Grill Pan 25 x 30CM

Eliza BBQ Grill Pan 25 x 30CM

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1.Classic steel material, can be used directly on open flame, quick heating, non-stick pan
2. Embossed design surface, food lifting, physical non-stick baking, so that the food evenly conductive heat, non-sticky
3rd oil leakage port is designed to allow excess grease to drain through the oil leakage port
4. The bottom of the oil leakage channel design, the bottom of the disc is slightly tilted, easy to collect excess grease for centralized treatment
5. Baking sheet support structure, stable and non-shaking, enjoy your food
6. Baking sheet is body washable and can be easy to clean with a soft cloth, clean cotton etc

Product name: grill tray
Material: steel
Size: 25cm x 30cm
Color: black
Function: selected non-stick ingredients of the pan, suitable for frying and baking.