Eliza Vinyl Dumb Bell 2.5KGx2PCS
Eliza Vinyl Dumb Bell 2.5KGx2PCS

Eliza Vinyl Dumb Bell 2.5KGx2PCS

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Whether you are new to weight training or an expert, dumbbells are perfect as a full-body conditioning tool and can be used to target more than just the upper torso. Not only can you build strength and muscle, but as part of a Circuit or CrossFit workout, they can also increase stamina and endurance which can, in turn, promote healthy weight loss.

Comfort-Grip Handle
The dumbbell's contoured, Curved Grip handle helps ensure a secure, comfortable grip. Its sleek design reduces hand fatigue while promoting ease of use and enhanced control.

Hexagon Shape
Put the dumbbell down and pick it up from right where you left it—no rolling away to worry about. secure placement and easy access. The non-rolling hexagon-shaped ends also provide convenient stay-in-place storage.

The dumbbell works as weight resistance and as a counterbalance for a variety of upper- and lower-body routines. Use it to exercise all major muscle groups—from arms, chest, and back to core and legs.

Resistance training can help with everything from building muscle strength and promoting better bone health to burning calories, boosting energy levels, enhancing mood, and more.

● Made of solid cast iron with a protective black rubber coating
● Non-slip handle for extra safety
● Protects floor and reduces noise levels
● Hexagonal design dumbbell heads prevent rolling and is easy to store
● Built to last
● Versatile use

Package Includes:
2 pieces of 2.5kg dumb bell